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Are you one of millions out there who are trying to learn foreign language, but never have enough time?
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9 March 2008

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For all those who are aspiring to learn foreign languages Virtual Teacher Screensaver has its own innovative way to teach you.
Many people love to learn different languages but are unable to do it due to lack of time and lack of organization. This simple screensaver will make a lot of difference, because now you can enter the words and phrases you are trying to learn along with its translation in this screensaver. When you are free or ideal these words and phrases are displayed in large letters on your computer screen, now all you have to do is take a glance at the display now and then, this will make you to learn the words easily. The words which have already been learnt can be removed simply by pressing F8. In case of harder words or phrases just press pause and the screen will display this word only. You can even download additional libraries which help you to know how a word can be pronounced. With a pace of 10 new words a day you will learn 4000 words in 1 year.
Now you can utilize your break time or the ideal time in learning newer languages with Virtual Teacher Screensaver.

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Millions of people are trying to learn foreign languages right now. You may be one of them. The sad reality is most of them will fail for one of two reasons. First, in today's fast-paced world people do not have enough time. Second, people can't motivate themselves to get organized. VTeacher is a very simple tool that makes a huge difference, when learning a foreign language. Basically, VTeacher is a simple screensaver. You enter words and phrases you are trying to memorize, as well as their translations. These are displayed in very large letters, so you don't have to sit right in front of our computer. When you take a break, walk around your room or office, cleaning it, exercise or do any other activity, all you have to do is to glance once in a while onto the screen. And you don't have to make yourself do it. It's just as natural as watching TV or listening to radio when doing house chores.
Soon, you will notice that there are words and phrases that you memorized and no longer need to display. No problem, simply press F8 and the word won't appear again. Is there a word that you just can't memorize, no matter what? Press Pause and the screen will display this word only. Do you need to know how the word is pronounced? VTeacher has this capability built-in as well. All you have to do is to download additional libraries, links to which are provided at the manufacturer's website. You can turn this mode off by pressing F4 not to bother other people.
VTeacher is very easy to set up and use; the program is fully customizable. You can add your own slides with pictures, customize speed, upload dictionaries, alter the voice that pronounces words and phrases. Think about this - if you use your computer daily, after learning only 10 new words a day (which is easily accomplished with VTeacher), you will know almost 4000 foreign words and phrases in just 1 year. If you are serious about learning a foreign language, this tool is for you.
Virtual Teacher Screensaver
Virtual Teacher Screensaver
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